Thailand’s BUILD programme

In June 1992, the BOI Unit for Industrial Linkage Development or BUILD was established under Thailand Board of Investment (BOI) to support industrial linkage and use of industrial parts manufactured in Thailand. BUILD services offer channels to connect competitive Thai SMEs and large manufacturers with parts and component suppliers. With the success of its activities, BUILD has been upgraded into a division under the BOI, the Industrial Linkage Development Division or ILDD. ILDD will continue to encourage growth in supporting industries in Thailand through providing information on subcontracting opportunities by linking parts suppliers with the right manufacturers. ILDD also assists Thai MSMEs to achieve industrial standards required for entering into productive subcontracting arrangements. With its extensive database on subcontractors in Thailand, ILDD provides sourcing and business matching services. With these services, firms can be assured that their procurement process is well facilitated while saving production costs and time spent in finding domestic parts manufacturers. ILDD will further strengthen its activities  by organizing seminars, workshops, and networking forums in targeted industries of Thailand to provide in-depth information and help support Thai SMEs to be part of global supply chain of the growing next-generation industries.