Developing MSME competitiveness

The drivers of MSME competitiveness can be found in the macroeconomic and national policy environment, in MSME’s immediate business environment, and at the company level.

MSMEs limited ability to comply with standards and regulations that play an integral and vital role in enhancing international value chains have impacted their competitiveness. In addition, the standards and regulations also play a crucial role in ensuring the social and environmental sustainability of global value chains. However, most MSMEs find it challenging to comply with standards and regulations due to cost issues. Thus, the discussion in this part of the website reviews and analyses policies targeting MSMEs competitiveness.

This section of the Resource Centre defines and distinguishes between national and enterprise competitiveness, linking their determinants and entrepreneurship to MSMEs. It illustrates the differences and similarities between entrepreneurship and MSMEs, noting that both contribute to a country’s economic development. Furthermore, the section discusses policies that can support the MSME growth through competitiveness. It further explores ways to formalize MSMEs, intensify public interventions on MSME financing and share insights on monitoring and evaluation.